Is Your Marketing Helping Your Sales Team Close Deals?

Marketing & Sales Relationship

For many years the marketing team has had separate goals from the sales team and their relationship was not symbiotic. In recent years businesses have come to understand how bad this is, and have tried to improve communication between the teams. But the reality is, that the separation of goals and ways of working can vary between the teams and it may be difficult to adopt a new idea. To implement this change in the company started by using a system that bonds their work and helps one another achieve their unique goals. In this article, we will cover one of the many tools that can help you and your team achieve the best results by combining the forces of Marketing and Sales.

HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM supports the whole business process from the moment you acquire a lead through a marketing campaign when the lead becomes qualified due to sales requirements, and a deal is made, the whole milestone process until the deal is closed. But this is not all. HubSpot also helps you support your clients and provide upsales with their easy-to-use out-of-the-box CRM.

You wonder, how can I do this? I will give you a quick way to unite forces through HubSpot and show a quarterly report of your team’s performance that will knock the socks off your boss.


Your marketing efforts can take any shape or form but most likely they are social media leads or Google search leads or sales. If this is the case the simple use of UTMs can help you track the campaigns and HubSpot will capture this information through forms and hidden fields. This will allow your marketing team to understand how effective their marketing campaign is. You will be able to segment and create reports based on the leads that entered your database.

Once the leads become qualified leads or deal the sales team will take over the process but marketing will still be able to measure how many of those leads become closed deals and be able to put an actual revenue and profit $ number next to the company’s return on investment (counting in marketing and sales costs).


Once the lead enters the CRM the sales team has a selection of properties that aid them to qualify the lead and making sure that the lead is valuable to them. If the lead is indeed qualified it will pass to the next stage of sales. The Sales team can aid themselves by deciding upon various nurture strategies that they can plan together with the marketing team to help them execute to advance the sales decision.

If the sales team is doing cold reach out to lists of people or companies they can create segments on HubSpot that will facilitate their work and help them track the progress they are doing with each individual company and person. HubSpot allows an ABM (account-based marketing) and a personal approach to targeting prospects.

Optimizing your pipeline and making the sales process a dream. It’s all included in the HubSpot Sales Pro tool that will allow your sales team to communicate with your clients, within teams, and set up sales goals in the same place.


Whenever your business is in need to nurture your clients and bring them the necessary support the tool is in-house already so by using the HubSpot Service tool you will be able to aid your clients in the best way possible and with all their accounts information at hand. What better way to approach service than by knowing all about your client? Opening a ticket or reaching out on the website’s chat or mobile assistance chat can all go to one place and your support team will be able to help them navigate through think and thin.


There are many tools to help your marketing and sales teams meet halfway and also work together. HubSpot is one of them. You can learn how the HubSpot CRM can help you from day one. If you have questions or require assistance please send us a message we would love to hear about your team and help you bring this harmony to your team.

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