Why Are My Online Store Sales So Low?

Have you wondered this question over and over again? Why are my sales so low?

Well here is a check list of all the things you must check before trying to answer this question. Let’s start with the basic of the basic. Is your product a winning product and if so is there any data that can prove this, or is this an opinion? To understand better your e-commerce sales funnel you need to be able to see yourself and your e-commerce shop in the mirror and be willing to do the work that needs to be done to improve your current situation. So if you are there let’s dive into it.

Visiting Your Online Store

How do you bring traffic into your store? There are a few ways but the main ones are organically and paid traffic. Organic traffic will be defined as the high-quality traffic you desire and it is probably the one that will convert into a sale with the most ease. Paid traffic is not bad it’s just a bit tougher to convert. Think about when you are window shopping and suddenly you see a beautiful shiny thing that calls your attention but you see the price tag and think “Do I really need this?”, “Do I have the money to buy this right now?”, “Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?” if any of those thoughts come to your mind then those might be the same thoughts your potential buyer is having and your job is to tackle them with messages that will make them think that the only thing they need right now is to buy this product or service you are selling.

Viewing a Product

When a potential buyer has viewed a specific product in your shop you can fine-tune your marketing and refine your messaging to cater to the needs of your client. For example, when a potential buyer is checking out the baby outfit section in your shop you might want to also offer maternity clothes options or baby gifts on a remarketing campaign. If they view a specific knit sweater then the next ad they see on Facebook can be that specific sweater with a special discount.

Start Checkout

The decision making power of a client is at their finger tips. They are one step closer to making that buying decision and now is the time of seeing the final cost of their shopping cart, will giving them a discount close the deal? or will they debate if they really need two really cute crop tops or one will sufice? Tough choices. Many people get to this point to abandon their carts for various reasons and to bring them back here is not an easy task but it’s not impossible. So a few tactics are to create an “Abandoned Cart” email, a remarketing campaign for abandoned carts, an SMS campaign, among others. Your creativity is the limit, each company within their own industry can reinvent how these call-to-actions will look like but the important message is to come back to this point in the funnel to make a buying decision. You need to ask yourself what is stopping your client. Is it a price point? is it an extra perk (as in value for their money)? Whatever it is you must tackle it with the right messaging and make sure that they are 100% convinced they want to complete their purchase.

Offer An Upsell Or A Few Upsells

So you thought that’s it they will buy the product they wanted. But I say no! You can still make their cart a little bit more robust with an extra something. This is your time to shine and make bank. Offer an upsell to your client when they are ready to buy and they know they can have that matching bag with the shoes they are getting or get the matching belt as well. Decisions, decisions. An upsell is your best ally to a great sales funnel.

Complete Purchase

Hurray! your potential client is a client now. Congratulations! now think how you will nourish this relationship and make sure they come back to buy soon. Give them some perk in their next purchase or a birthday discount. Get to know your client in a deeper level by knowing what type of products they like from your shop and always keep them up to date with your latest products. If they feel nourished they will come back with full pockets to buy from your again and again.


If your sales are in a rut, make sure you optimize your sales funnel to improve sales and once those potential clients become clients nourish nourish nourish.

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