For over 15 years we’ve been working with brands and e-commerce websites as their online marketing experts. Name any vertical or product – we’ve probably worked with it. Yes, even that!

The People at Mindad aren’t just a team of professionals, as each is a whole world of expertise. Every person has their unique knowledge, quirks, passions and ideas that make businesses grow and ROI explode.

We enjoy the most difficult problems and funnels you’ve given up on, as we can always find a way to fix them. With lots of experience, a heap of research and analysis and a bit of secret magic we’ll help your website reach new goals.

And the best part? We like to think of you as part of our family as well. Not in the “let’s embarrass each other at dinner” way, but that we’re bound together to achieve a goal and we know each other best.


Though we’re based in Tel Aviv, we have representatives all over the world: New York, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai. Let us know if you want a postcard!

Mindad Media is a part of the weEndeavor holdings management group, which invests in global media and digital marketing companies.



Yarden Katz


Yarden has been working at Mindad for over 5 years, coordinating business objectives between employees and management, and is a central part the company’s business strategy.
Her expertise includes supporting the full employee life cycle, from initial recruitment, training, organizational development, providing compensation and benefits, and handling terminations.
She is adept at consulting with managers and employees on HR processes and proposing solutions to their HR related needs. She serves as a trusted adviser to both managers and employees on aspects of people management and development. Yarden also runs company welfare activities and organizes office events.

Nir Maliar


Nir has 15 years of experience, in the field of online and offline advertising. He has online marketing expertise and vast knowledge in PPC and Ad-Serving systems helping customers finding their best online-media solutions, for years.

profound knowledge in brand- strategy, targets & objectives, as well as in media-planning and execution.

Gillit Segev

VP Sales & Biz-Dev

Gillit is the Head of International Business Development at MindAd. She has an extensive online marketing background with over 8 years’ experience in global marketing, sales, and international business. She is a seasoned biz dev and sales executive with a deep understanding of customer acquisition and retention, developing strategic partnerships and maintaining business relationships. Her passion for digital marketing comes from watching the market grow and evolve. It’s all about being quick footed and having creative solutions that get you ahead of the game.