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How to get the Most Out of Google Shopping Ads (Hebrew)

Google Shopping Ads is the new kid on the block who’s here to stay. When your KPIs are profit-oriented, Shopping Ads gives you the competitive advantage you need. You must understand how this beast works, forget about control, it’s all about analyzing performance and getting results. We will cover how to establish a Merchant Center and how to build campaigns. We’ll also go over a few optimization methods, plus the differences between search and shopping campaigns.

This article is written in Hebrew, English version coming soon.

Shopping Ads
How to prepare your ecommerce business to the dawn of the new normal

Abandoned Cart Emails

Your email marketing efforts are crucial to bringing sales and increasing the rate of purchases in your eCommerce store. This flow is your number one email marketing strategy for achieving your eCommerce goals. In this article, we’ll drill down to one of the most effective email marketing flows for eCommerce, the abandoned cart flow. We’ll define the purchase funnel and its importance. We’ll also cover which automation tools and email templates you’ll, and principles behind them that create effective abandoned cart flows.

How to get the Most Out of Google Shopping Ads (English)

Google Shopping is by far the most relevant service Google has to offer to eCommerce stores. It lets customers get a glimpse into your store in an accessible way, in the best position of the search engine.

If you set up your marketing activities correctly Shopping Ads can serve as a major profit channel for your store.

Shopping Ads