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Why Are My Online Store Sales So Low?

Have you wondered this question over and over again? Why are my sales so low? Well here is a check list of all the things you must check before trying to answer this question. Let’s start with the basic of the basic. Is your product a winning product and if so is there any data that can prove this, or is this an opinion? To understand better your e-commerce sales funnel you need to be able to see yourself and your e-commerce shop in the mirror and be willing to do the work that needs to be done to improve your current situation. So if you are there let’s dive into it.¬†

How to prepare your ecommerce business to the dawn of the new normal

Abandoned Cart Emails

Your email marketing efforts are crucial to bringing sales and increasing the rate of purchases in your eCommerce store. This flow is your number one email marketing strategy for achieving your eCommerce goals. In this article, we’ll drill down to one of the most effective email marketing flows for eCommerce, the abandoned cart flow. We’ll define the purchase funnel and its importance. We’ll also cover which automation tools and email templates you’ll, and principles behind them that create effective abandoned cart flows.

Is Your Marketing Helping Your Sales Team Close Deals?

For many years the marketing team has had separate goals from the sales team and their relationship was not symbiotic. In recent years businesses have come to understand how bad this is, and have tried to improve communication between the teams. But the reality is, that the separation of goals and ways of working can vary between the teams and it may be difficult to adopt a new idea. To implement this change in the company started by using a system that bonds their work and helps one another achieve their unique goals. In this article, we will cover one of the many tools that can help you and your team achieve the best results by combining the forces of Marketing and Sales.