Who We Are

MindAd Content, part of the 44 Ventures Group, is a dynamic video content creation company specializing in crafting captivating videos for various social media channels. From short form videos to immersive storytelling, we bring video content to life.

Our Added Value

Our video content stands out by combining creativity, relatability, and strong narratives that drive engagement and shareability. Our flexibility and ability to create content in a wide range of verticals and social media know-how give us the extra edge.

Our Entertainment Channels

Whether on our Snapchat or Youtube channels – we’ve got engaging, captivating and colorful entertainment channels that will blow your mind. From internet trends to celebrity news, these channels are shedding light on everything that’s viral.

Our Sports Channels

From legendary matches to behind-the-scenes stories and interviews, soccer or boxing, highlight compilations or fascinating documentary videos – our unique sports channels will provide all the best moments for die hard sports fans and even for those who aren’t.

Our True Crime Channels

Our true crime brands deliver captivating and suspenseful video content that delves into real-life stories and investigations of unique crime stories. From thrilling documentaries to shocking behind the scenes footage – it all happened in real life.

Potential Collaboration Opportunities

  • Collaborating with content right owners to create additional content from it – generating new revenue which we can split in a rev-share model.
  • Teaming up with other content creators for joint activities.
  • Purchasing Youtube and other social media channels.

Our Leading Brands