A global leader in the development of vision technology, Mobileye went to market with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The company works with over 25 auto manufacturers, all of which have incorporated Mobileye technology into 313 car models. As of today, over 1 million vehicles worldwide utilize Mobileye’s technology

Creating Huge Success with a Small Target Audience

When targeting a small audience, reaching the right users at a reasonable CPL could prove problematic. By studying our target personas thoroughly, our campaigns exceeded the client’s predictions by cost and quality.

leads acquired.
Lower CPl than predicted.
of leads were MQLs.
MQLs converted to sales

The Challenge

Mobileye wanted to increase sales of ADAS dramatically within a limited audience scale in a small geo. That meant that every lead could be extremely costly and the conversion funnel had to be airtight.

Audience Research

In order to get the attention of our target audience, it was important to have a full understanding of their needs and pain points and make every click count. An in-depth research of the target market was conducted using analytical tools. This was followed by a more focused qualitative research of the users’ online behavior.


Based on the research, we broke down the audience into 41 micro-personas. This method made it possible to reach and convert as many leads as possible from the target market.


Based on the qualitative research we filtered out keywords rms and creatives for creating the right hook to grab the audience’s attention. We created a specific customer journey strategy, with conversion funnels based on messaging and micro-persona.