Compass™ is the technological “brain” of MindAd – an in-house video and display platform that is managed internally. It is a dynamic platform that is constantly improved based on user feedback and industry changes.


Mindad’s proprietary delivery technology allows our partners maximize yield across video and display, both mobile and desktop. It makes sure your content is shown in valid placements and that your budget is being used in a smart way.

We empower our advertisers by providing valuable access to millions of quality ad impressions from our managed and our owned and operated inventory on a daily basis.



was designed and developed in-house with the goal of offering an end-to-end solution to our partners. This enables our advertisers to maximize yield across all devices and activities while leveraging the latest delivery solutions in the market. These include real time bidding, tag integration and more.

Compass™ Unique Capabilities and Advantages

Works on any impression device

Ad quality and traffic quality mechanisms

Visual analytics interface

Includes Protector, MindAd’s built-in safety tool

Our technology is customized to support and present large amounts of data generated by multi advertising channels in one place.

Compass™ technologies are being developed by a skilled team of engineers, who work constantly to improve it. The team ensures optimal performance in terms of scalability, responsiveness, user experience, analytical data and business solutions. They do so by using the most innovative technologies available as well as meticulously reviewing and adjusting the development roadmap based on user feedback and market research.

We provide our customers with the most comprehensive multi-platform marketing view  and with the ability to make real-time adjustments in media spend and resource allocation.

Compass™ increases data transparency and simplifies complex reporting through powerful insight visualizations, to provide you with a clear view and real time control over your media performance