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The Customer Success Manager is a media expert who manages the company’s Startups-portfolios. The position requires handling service aspects as well as business development aspects alongside the performance, retention and practical / technical aspects of media projects for clients.


The PPC Campaign Manager will manage online campaigns and performance optimization on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Display, Native, and more.


The role requires campaign optimization, Media exploration, analysis and trading. In addition, the role enables an ongoing communication process with clients.


The role is based on prior experience as a Community Manager. The position includes content writing for clients, managing and maintaining Facebook pages and blogs, while using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. English native speaker is a must.

These job postings apply equally to men and women

Customer testimonial

MindAd Media has the ability and skill to work holistically across multi-digital channels translated into significantly better results and lower acquisition costs… They also truly understand the inner soul and pains of the entrepreneur
Gili Lichtman, Co-Founder & VP Marketing, FairFly
MindAd has been fantastic to work with. Their dedicated response time and professional approach has been instrumental to the success of our clients and campaigns
Lior Zaidner, Marketing Director, Cogress
Our experience with MindAd Media was remarkable. Besides the fact that they delivered cost-conscious digital services, we felt the team was dedicated and completely on board every step of the way
Mirella Levy Tawil, Co-founder at Netgroupmedia, Advisor & Partner at iAngels
MindAd are true partners every step of the way, being professional, creative and fun to work with. It’s a no-brainer choice for any startup in need of a digital marketing team
Avital Scharf, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellb